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Almenara Collection - The Almenara Art Prize
Almenara Collection - The Almenara Art Prize

dom 30 giu


Fee: €45 / Prizes: €27,000 + Exhibition

Almenara Collection - The Almenara Art Prize

Discipline: Multi-Discipline. Artists worldwide are invited to submit entries for The 2024 Almenara Art Prize. More than 27000€ in cash and other prizes. Juried by a panel of 18 jurors. Work must be original work of the artist...

Time & Location

30 giu 2024, 23:30

Fee: €45 / Prizes: €27,000 + Exhibition

About the event

Thank you for your interest in the Almenara Art Prize. This is the information about how  to enter your paintings into the Almenara Art Prize.Entries must be submitted by June 30th, 2024.To see the timeline,please,visit our calendar . Artists may enter and win in one or multiple categories. The competition is open to all those who wish to apply worldwide. There is no limit to the number of artworks you may enter and no size restrictions.Works do NOT need to be available for sale.If they are not available for sale, they will not have options to be chosen for the purchase awards.Accepted artists, finalists and winners will be published on The Almenara Collection Website and on Instagram and Facebook.Also,as part of the collection, winners will remain permanently showed on our webpage.Works do NOT need to be available for the physical exhibition to compete and win.Please contact if you have additional questions or need further information.

WORK REQUIREMENTS: Work must be original work of the artist ,produced sorely by the artist and the copyright must be his/her exclusive property.The artwork must be original in concept and execution and free in style (impressionistic,realistic,etc).We accept figurative paintings,from Hyperrealism to Impressionism.That includes Hyperrealism,Photorealism,contemporary realism,imaginative Realism,Surrealism,Impressionism,Plein Air Painting and any kind of representational painting.Artworks can be for sale or not.If they are not available for sale, they will not have options to be chosen for the acquisition awards.Entries must not violate any copyrights.

No  photography, digital or any other media.No digitally manipulated work, painted giclee prints or any other type of reproductions, no manipulated or painted over photos or prints. Any artist whose work is determined to be in violation of this rule will be disqualified and will forfeit any awards received.If you have questions on what types of works are accepted into the Almenara Art Prize, please contact

MEDIUM: Oil, Pastel, Acrylic ,watercolor, graphite, acrylic,charcoal,pencil, ink, colored pencils, gouache, tempera and all traditional mediums.

SUBSTRATE: linen, panel, carton,paper,canvas ,cooper ,board or any other surface.

PHOTOS/IMAGES OF THE WORKS: Up to three photographs of the work you are submitting.Photos must have between 1MB and 20 MB and must be sent in JPG format.You can send different images of the same entry,but at least one must show the whole painting.Please,submit good quality images of your artwork,so the details of the work can be seen.We also encourage you to include an image of the artist standing with the work or how the work is framed as additional images to the main photograph of the whole painting.


First entry 45€

Additional entries:29€. Here is included to submit the same artwork in an additional category.

Young Category: 29€. Information about our  Young Category can be found here.

The entry fee is non-refundable,Refunds cannot be provided after entry. No refunds will be given for ineligible or disqualified entries.Entry fees will be used to cover administrative costs,exhibition costs, and social media marketing.

LIABILITY & AGREEMENT:  The artist retains copyright to his/her image(s), however, by submitting to this show, artist agrees to The  Almenara collection’s use of the images for all publicity and social media (including future The Almenara collection’s event promotion).In the same way,by submitting to this show, artist accepts to subscribe to our  newsletter that ,"The Almenara Collection", will use to inform about this and future shows.Artist´s information will not be shared.Rules and prizes may vary since the publication of these rules to the celebration of The Almenara Art Prize, due to the incorporation of new sponsors and to the adptation to the submissions. New prizes can be added, but never eliminated.

Artist agrees to abide by all rules in this document. Submission of entries and entry fee, which is non-refundable except for the cancellation of the event, constitute agreement with all conditions set forth in this brochure.

By submitting your entry, you warrant that your entries are original work; conceived and created entirely by you, that you have read and understand the rules set forth in this leaflet of rules, that you are 18 years of age or older, or if under 18, have the permission of a parent or guardian to submit your works and that the parent or guardian is agreeing to the rules set in this leaflet rules on minor’s behalf.

SALES COMMISSION: Artists maintain 100% of sales price.

The Almenara collection will direct buyers directly to artists' websites and won’t take part in the transactions or shipping process

Artist’s contact information will be included in the online exhibit.

As your artwork can be for sale or not, note the following:

If your work is for sale it must be priced according to your standard pricing. Paintings that do not reflect the artist's current pricing structure may be disqualified. No price changes will be accepted once you have submitted your entry-please double check your entries for accuracy of information.

Check the regulations to take part in the physical exhibition if you are selected for it.

For more information about the  Almenara Art Prize,please return to the main page

Terms and Conditions

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