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FREE ENTRY  /  Porada International Design Award: Mirrors
FREE ENTRY  /  Porada International Design Award: Mirrors

mer 31 gen


Fee: Free / Prize: €3,000 + Exhibition

FREE ENTRY / Porada International Design Award: Mirrors

Discipline: Design PORADA ARREDI srl, in cooperation with, founded by Politecnico di Milano, announces an international ideas competition to identify new innovative concepts on different types of MIRRORS (table mirror, wall mirror, structure or furnishing accessory...

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Time & Location

31 gen 2024, 23:30

Fee: Free / Prize: €3,000 + Exhibition

About the event

PORADA ARREDI srl, in cooperation with, founded by Politecnico di Milano, announces an international ideas competition to identify new innovative concepts on different types of MIRRORS (table mirror, wall mirror, structure or furnishing accessory, free-standing or incorporated in a piece of furniture, whose dominant element is a reflective surface), in which the use of solid wood is prevalent (but not necessarily exclusive) and which conveys the values and the identity of the Porada brand. Wood,in natural wood, preferably from among those in the company's predominant use, or lacquered, may be combined with metal, glass and other materials.

The submitted designs shall be original and unpublished; they must enhance the use of production technologies, woodworking processes and typical finishing of the solid wood and they must respond to the principle of functionality. They must comply with the existing safety standards in force, also respecting ergonomic, environmental and sustainable design requirements.


The competition is open to:

  • Professionals category (P), Italian and/or foreign designers working independently or employed by companies (if duly authorized by their company).
  • Students category (S), Italian and/or foreign students enrolled in Bachelor's or Master's degrees and recent graduates.and students of secondary schools.

For both categories, group entries are also permitted. In this case, the members of the group must appoint a leader who will be the sole person in charge and referent towards By entring the competition, participants unconditionally accept the terms of this competition contained herein. If these terms are not, in whole or in part, respected by the participant, their design may be disqualified. Members of the Jury, their relatives, employees of Porada and, may not take part. Projects must be original and unpublished and exclusively developed for the competition. Each participant (or group) is permitted to submit one project only. Participation in the competition is anonymous. Each participant must create a numeric code (a six-digit number, with no digit repeated more than twice, and not in sequence) to be used to identify the files mentioned in art. 4. For the Professionals category: add the letter 'P' as a prefix, which indicates the Professionals category. For the Students category: add the 'letter S' as a prefix, which indicates the Student category.


The application for participation in the competition and the submission of the required documents needs to be carried through online procedure via the site:

The application form must contain the personal details of the participant, tax id number, home address, mobile and home telephone numbers, email address, an explicit declaration of having understood the rules of this competition and their unconditional acceptance and, for the Student category, the name of the university, campus, course of study and year of attendance. The code and/first name/s of the participant/s must be shown exclusively on the application form, no name should appear on the other documents presented, under penalty of disqualification.


The documents must be submitted in digital format via the above mentioned electronic procedure and within the deadline specified in section 5. Each participant (or group) must submit:

  1. a brief descriptive text-only report (max 3000 characters, i.e. no more than one page) without images, describing the motivations, the general concept, the characteristics of the project and the materials envisaged. The pdf file of the report is must be contained in a vertical ISO-A4 format sheet (21 x 29.7 cm) and must be named 'relazione_codice'. The header must contain only the alphanumeric code indicated in art. 2 and the project name/title, if any;/li>
  2. graphics consisting of no. 3 horizontal ISO-A3 tables (42 x 29.7 cm), in pdf format, composed on the layout of the table that can be downloaded,after registration, from the website, which must contain: - Board 1: an overview, reference scenarios and modes of use, mood board, general concept of the object in the context of use and sources of inspiration; - Board 2: technical drawings: plans, elevations, sections, axonometric views, exploded views, dimensioned construction drawings at appropriate scales and details of details and choice of materials, considered significant; - Board 3: representation of the object, rendering, photos of the model. The presentation boards should be combined into a single pdf file named 'tavole_codice' (maximum file size 5 Mb).
  3. a preview image of the project, summarizing the salient features (which may correspond to the render or another image deemed important) and it will be the first image viewed by the judges to identify the project, in jpg format (maximum file size 1 Mb).

The projects must be presented using exclusively the templates downloadable from the website, once registered. The files must be uploaded exclusively through the online procedure as described above (server connections for downloading files or files sent by regular or certified email will not be accepted). No confirmation email will be sent, as the files, once uploaded on the portal, can be modified and / or replaced by the participant until the expiry of the competition. After the deadline, personal pages will no longer be accessible to users.


The entries, required without exception in digital format, shall be uploaded on the website as per procedure provided in section 4, no later then midnight on January 31st, 2024.


The jury is composed by the following members with voting rights:

- Two representatives from Porada - One representative from ADI - Association for Industrial Design - A representative of - Five members among representatives of the project professions and sectoral publishing.

The deliberations of the jury will remain reserved, while the final report, containing the list of the winners, as well as the finalists and honourable mentions, will be made public. The Jury decides by a majority vote and its decision is unappealable. The deliberations of the jury will conclude no later than February 23th , 2024.


The selection and evaluation of the projects will take into account their originality, the level of innovation and research of new design solutions referred to the typical processing of solid wood, the experimentation on materials and surface finishes, the ability of the projects to define and anticipate scenarios of use and innovative concepts in the use of wood furniture and contemporary furnishing accessories, with particular regard to typological, technological and morphological determinations.


The total prize money of € 11,000.00 will be allocated as follows:

PROFESSIONALS Category 1st prize € 3,000 2nd prize € 2,000 3rd prize € 1,000

STUDENTS Category 1st prize € 2,000 2nd prize € 1,200 3rd prize € 800

It is also established the "Special Mention Giacomo Allievi" prize of the economic value of € 1,000.00 assignable to 1 student or 1 professional. The project will be selected by a dedicated jury that will choose the project that, among the others, will most distinguish itself for the best balance between artisanal tradition associated with woodworking and modern design expressed in the structural and creative development of the project.


Competition participants maintain ownership and the rights of exploitation of their works. Porada reserves the right to stipulate a contract for the industrial exploitation of the projects with the designers of the winning or finalist projects. The participants grant Porada the option to use the winning projects for one year from the date of the jury's report. Within this period, the company will evaluate whether to put the design into production and in that case, the economic agreement with the designers will be regulated by a specific contract. Porada agrees not to modify the works presented in any way without the approval of the designer. Porada also has the right to request a one-year option on projects which are not awarded prizes, upon payment of the rights to be agreed between the parties. to be agreed between the parties.

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