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FREE ENTRY  /  Troyes Champagne Métropole - "Art is in the price"
FREE ENTRY  /  Troyes Champagne Métropole - "Art is in the price"

ven 15 dic


Fee: Free / Prize: Budget+ Exhibition

FREE ENTRY / Troyes Champagne Métropole - "Art is in the price"

Discipline: Multi-Discipline. This call involves creating temporary works in public space that resonate with the local context. The works must reveal the territory, enrich reality, without transforming the environment. Thus, art shows and reveals the territory.

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Time & Location

15 dic 2023, 23:30

Fee: Free / Prize: Budget+ Exhibition

About the event

Troyes Champagne Métropole (TCM), an urban community made up of 81 municipalities and 174,500 inhabitants, extends over an area of ​​890 km². It lists a diverse set of tourist attractions. Tourism having become a major component of the animation and economic fabric of the territory, TCM brings together socio-professionals, the economic sector of its living area, and of course, the inhabitants around its territorial brand “Troyes La Champagne” as its standard to promote Troyes and its surroundings.

Troyes Champagne represents a unique territory for its hospitality, its gastronomy, the richness of its built heritage in the heart of a natural and bucolic territory made up of valleys, forests, large lakes, rivers and canals, which make it a tourist destination.

It is mainly at the heart of this natural heritage that the urban community wishes to invite visitors to pay particular attention to rurality through the installation of unique monumental works . It involves creating temporary works in public space that resonate with the local context. The works must reveal the territory, enrich reality, without transforming the environment. Thus, art shows and reveals the territory.

The spirit of this call for projects is essentially based on the desire to enhance natural areas (villages, valleys, forests) through Art. Through this project, in the form of life-size temporary exhibitions, Troyes Champagne Métropole is part of an ecotourism approach while promoting itinerant tourism in a territory, a gateway between Burgundy and Champagne, at the crossroads of the Ile-de- France, the North and East of France and the Benelux.

The works are made available to Troyes Champagne Métropole for the duration of the exhibition and remain, in any case, the property of the artists.


Fourteen municipalities in Troyes Champagne Métropole have positioned themselves to offer temporary locations for the works to be created. The municipalities offer one to three locations (see table below). The Selection Committee will ultimately select 10 works for 10 locations and 10 municipalities (one location per municipality).

The locations of the works are as follows:

MunicipalitiesPlaces proposed by the municipalitySommevalThree landscaped spacesJavernantLand behind the churchBouillyLand towards the Source of Crot de la DouxVilleryLand on the heights of the town with panoramic viewsSaint-Jean-de-BonnevalA wooded plot of land outside the town (on D108), two plots of land around the school with open views of the countrysideAssenayTerrain Viard (mountain bike and hiking trail departures)VillemereuilCourtyard or park of the castleIsle-AumontBehind the church on the hillside + near the CrossSaint-ThibaultAround the pondLes-Bordes-AumontGreen space in front of the Town HallLa Vendue-MignotLarge green space at the edge of the forest; green space facing Town Hall; courtyard (old school)Longeville-sur-MogneAround the body of water opposite Town HallMaupasNext to the old wash houseFays-la-ChapelleLand behind the chapel

With some exceptions, the places reserved for the reception of works are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are not monitored.

Candidate artists can choose up to three locations available on photos, 360° vision and descriptions online from the web page of the website . Artists can also go to the site before positioning themselves by indicating the places they wish to discover by e-mail to the address

Troyes Champagne Métropole offers artists, firstly, to choose a maximum of 3 sites that inspire them from the list of sites offered. The Selection Committee, in consultation with the municipalities, may be required to offer the artists another site, depending in particular on the size and technical constraints of producing the work (or when several projects attracting the attention of the jury are positioned on identical places). In this case the artist (or collective of artists) are free to accept or refuse the proposed site.

Each artist or collective of artists can offer up to two different works maximum on two different sites.


With some exceptions, the works are outdoor installations exposed to bad weather. Created in the countryside or in the community, they convey a close link woven between Art, the territory and the environment where they are located.

Regarding artistic creations, the works must be unique and original, specially designed and created for the “Art est dans le pré” exhibition.

The artist or collective of artists must guarantee that their work is original and that it is not exhibited in duplicate in other places during the entire duration of the “Art est dans pré” exhibition. Any finding to the contrary would result in the cancellation of the contract between the artist or collective of artists and Troyes Champagne Métropole as well as the reimbursement of the sums paid by the latter.

The works must be designed to withstand wind and bad weather (high heat, storms, hail) for the duration of their installation (from spring to fall), i.e. 5 to 6 months depending on the official inauguration and end dates. of the exhibition.  The works will not present any danger to visitors.

These monumental works will be adapted to an outdoor environment; they must mark the territory while being very visual. The work “augments” the environment that welcomes it without distorting it. The works cannot be only sound. Likewise, the broadcast of videos is prohibited.

With some exceptions (municipality of Villery), the locations reserved for the works do not have access to electricity. The use of electric generators is prohibited throughout the duration of the exhibition of the works.

In line with an eco-responsible territory and sustainable tourism, artists will be able to use different types of materials while ensuring that they are not harmful to the environment. Materials linked to the sectors present in the TCM Territory such as textile materials, hemp, wood, glass, are welcome. The use of dangerous fluids that could potentially spill into the environment is prohibited.


The artists will manage the project of their future work in its entirety, namely all the tasks and costs relating to the organization, the purchase of materials, tools, artistic creation, transportation to the place of reception of the work of the materials and the assembly of the work.

The works are pre-designed by the artists and pre-assembled or entirely assembled at the location chosen to host the work. The artists will be able to occupy the premises hosting the work from April 2024 (the date will be mentioned in the contract signed between the artist and TCM) and must in any case have completely finalized the assembly no later than May 2024 (date mentioned when signing the contract).

Activities and events such as school outings, concerts near the works, group and guided tours of the works or any other event that TCM would like to implement or support, may take place throughout the duration of the festival. Furthermore, upon request, Troyes Champagne Métropole may request selected artists to come and present their works to different audiences (schools, students, “ambassadors” of the region, associations, elected officials, etc.). In this context, a specific contract will be concluded with each artist concerned.

The artist (or collective of artists) must provide a text explaining their artistic approach and authorizing its distribution on any media medium (Internet, social networks, written press, television).

In addition, the artist will authorize the publication of photographs (with respect for moral rights) of his work on all media supports, paid or free, for the sole purpose of promoting his work and the exhibition “Art is dans le pré” for the entire duration of its exhibition in the territory of Troyes Champagne Métropole and for five years after the end of its exhibition.

Artists must authorize the temporary transfer of exploitation rights to the work for the duration of the exhibition. From the assembly/assembly of the works to their dismantling, the artists agree to be interviewed, filmed and photographed with their creation with or without an audience. The films and images are used exclusively to promote the works and the festival; they can be distributed on any medium such as the Internet, social networks, magazines, television, displays (urban public transport, street furniture) for 5 years.

With each artist or collective of artists selected, Troyes Champagne Métropole will sign a contract for the provision of the work created, setting out in particular the conditions of provision as well as the operating procedures and payment of the budget.


Artistic remuneration  in the amount of €8,900 per work and per site will be awarded to each artist or collective of artists selected .

This remuneration will follow the signing of a contract for the provision of ephemeral works between Troyes Champagne Métropole and each artist or artist collective and will be broken down as follows:

  • €7,000 for the temporary provision of the work created and “artistic costs”
  • €1,900 for copyright.

The amount is fixed and will cover all expenses necessary for the creation of the work.

In addition, the total amount paid covers the travel costs of the artists and their collaborators, accommodation and catering costs, and any costs necessary for the maintenance or repair of the work throughout the duration of the exhibition. , dismantling and return transport of the work.

However, when the artists reside at a distance greater than 300 km from the venue where their work will be exhibited, Troyes Champagne Métropole will pay compensation for transport costs up to a fixed amount of €0.36 / km from from the 301st kilometer and within the limit of 1,000 km for a round trip.


Artists wishing to apply for “Art est dans le pré” 2024 edition must register on the web page  Applications must include:

  • Indication of the locations selected for the installation of works (maximum 3 inspiring locations),
  • A curriculum vitae (the CVs of each artist if it is a group of artists),
  • A “book” of works created by the artist (or group of artists) with the dates of creation, possible exhibition locations for these works,
  • A written note of intent of 2 to 3 pages (= recto) on the work proposed by site.

Artists may also send their proposals, by post or against receipt, to the following address:



BP 90 – 10001 TROYES CEDEX 1


Visual artists will be selected by a selection committee created specifically for this purpose. This committee will select a maximum of 10 artists or collectives of artists (depending on the quality and feasibility of the proposed projects) using the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the planned creation, in line with the location(s)
  • Artistic potential of the proposal
  • Candidate references and quality of the file
  • Eco-responsible dimension of the proposal.
  • The deadline for submitting proposals is: December 15, 2023 at 2:00 p.m.

For information purposes, the estimated deadlines for completing the project are indicated below.

  • Selection of artists to create works for the ten predefined sites: January 2024.
  • Period of creation of works: from January to April 2024
  • Period for installation of works on site: 1st half of May
  • Inauguration: mid-May 2024.

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