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13th PleinAir Salon Art Competition

• 13th PleinAir Salon Art Competition

• Deadline: November 30th 2023⁠

• Prize: $15,000 + Cover of Plein Air Magazine

• Category: All Types of Paintings

• Entry Fees: Yes


In its celebratory 13th year, the PleinAir Salon Art Competition has carved its legacy under the visionary guidance of Eric Rhoads, the publisher of PleinAir magazine. Drawing inspiration from the distinguished French Salon initiated by the esteemed Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, this annual online competition has blossomed into a multi-cycle phenomenon. Comprising 12 monthly cycles, it crescendos into the grand spectacle known as the PleinAir Salon Art Competition, strategically designed to nurture artistic evolution through spirited rivalry. A true gem in the realm of artistic endeavors, this competition gleams with a total of $50,000 in annual cash prizes, offering artists a platform to showcase their talents and bask in the limelight. The coveted pinnacle is attained by the winner, whose masterpiece graces the illustrious cover of PleinAir magazine, an honor that holds the potential to elevate their artistic trajectory. Moreover, each monthly victor basks in the radiance of well-deserved acclaim and exposure, radiating through a mosaic of channels. From the tangible pages of PleinAir magazine to the resounding waves of e-newsletters, websites, and vibrant social media domains, the winners' brilliance reverberates far and wide. An intriguing facet unfolds as the torchbearers from each monthly cycle advance, poised to enter the arena of the prestigious annual competition. The crescendo reaches its zenith during the highly anticipated 13th Annual Awards ceremony, a live event that finds its stage at the esteemed Plein Air Convention & Expo in May 2024. This orchestration of jubilation adds an electrifying layer of anticipation to the proceedings. In the final reckoning, a victor emerges. This supremely talented artist claims the throne, a reward embellished with a generous cash prize of $15,000—a tribute to their unswerving dedication and extraordinary artistic flair. The PleinAir Salon Art Competition stands as a testament to the resplendent fusion of creative expression, competition, and recognition, igniting the path of artistic mastery.


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