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8thLandscape Painting CompetitionInternational Juried Art Competition

Teravarna Gallery

• Deadline: October 15th 2023

• Prize: €500 + Exhibition

• Category: Visual Arts

• Entry Fees: Yes


We are calling all artists, both budding and professional, from around the globe! It's time to showcase your creativity and passion for landscape art. TERAVARNA is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 8th LANDSCAPE International Juried Art Competition. Our unique platform showcases your masterpieces to a vast audience and helps you earn the recognition you deserve. Our nurturing environment celebrates creativity and offers global exposure. Join us today for a transformative journey toward artistic success. Our boundless opportunities showcase your artistic skills for modern landscape painting on a global scale to help you learn, earn, and grow. Our prestigious online-juried drawing competition is your gateway to the thriving global art community. Stand out among the pioneers, captivate art enthusiasts worldwide, and seize recognition for large landscape painting. We are TERAVARNA, here to help you make your dreams come true.


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