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Amplify Environment Art Contest by Zealous

• Zealous

• Deadline: October 23rd 2023

• Prize: £1.000 + Exhibition

• Theme: Visual Arts

• Entry Fees: Free


Amplify is a contest designed to celebrate the most impactful works related to environmental themes.

Why focus on the Environment?

Our world is ever-changing, prompting numerous questions and discussions about our role within it. From the beauty of nature to the complexities of climate change, we want to explore it all.

By recognising and sharing your exceptional work, we hope to not only support you but also foster meaningful conversations about the environment.

Why submit your work?

The 25 artists who make it to the shortlist will have their work reviewed by top industry judges. These judges will then select the top 3 finalists, including the ultimate winner.

It is free to submit your work, and those on the longlist also stand a chance to be featured on our website.

This contest also serves as a fundraising initiative for our chosen charity, Arts Catalyst, a visual arts organisation and charity based in Sheffield, UK, who are enabling people in South Yorkshire and beyond to engage in creative experiences that increase ecological awareness, encourage positive social action and open up new ways of learning about the world around us:

"We activate spaces for people to think differently about the world around them using art to explore social and environmental issues, provoke debate, and test out alternative ways of learning.

We collaborate with artists, activists and people with different kinds of knowledge to organise creative projects that respond to social and environmental issues. Our programme often takes place within community spaces, unusual sites and outdoors."

Who can take part?

This contest is open to anyone who has created work focusing on the environment. We are less concerned with the medium of the work submitted and more interested in its impact. We believe a piece of art, theatre, poetry, sculpture, game, and all types of mediums can all sit side-by-side in making positive change. However, if you have previously won a Zealous-ran opportunity, such as the previous Zealous Amplify, you are not eligible to apply.

Scoring criteria

Judges will be scoring work on their impact, originality, and story.

Is it free?

Yes! Submitting to Amplify is absolutely free.

How to apply

Each submission you make needs to represent one project or work.

This could be a short film, performance, artwork, script, design, game, etc. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and is just here to provide ideas of what your submissions could look like.

To give us a good representation of the work, we allow each submission to contain 5 items (a mix of images, videos, music, text...). The first item should be the piece you want to be considered, all other items are optional and should be made up of supporting elements (e.g. stills, close-ups, synopsis, etc.).

  • Uploaded film footage should be less than 5 minutes long (if this is for a longer project, a trailer will do)

  • All written works should be less than 1,000 words.

Unfortunately, all submissions that overrun will be disqualified. You can submit up to 3 times, but please submit each work separately.

The application form asks for the following:

  • A personal statement (up to 500 words)

  • If you submitted a trailer, when can we see the full work?

  • Links to any social media pages and websites

  • Whether you are happy for your work to be shared across our social media pages

  • Your availability to complete an email interview between 18th February - 4th March. We'll email you a list of interview questions and you'll need to send us your answers by Monday 4th March, at the latest. It should take approx. 1 hour to answer the questions, depending on how thorough you wish to be.

  • Your thoughts on future themes we could explore

Why Amplify?

We hope Amplify will become a series of competitions aimed to celebrate works touching on the most important themes impacting our society.

We hope the series will create meaningful dialogue around themes we are exploring and create positive change.


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