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Apila's First Printing Award 2024

Apila Ediciones

• Deadline: February 9th 2024

• Prize: €4,000 + Exhibition

Discipline: Illustration

• Entry Fees: Free


Open exclusively to illustrators aged 18 and above who have not yet published a book bearing an ISBN number, the competition is orchestrated by Apila Ediciones, a distinguished publishing house situated in Alagón, Spain.

In collaboration with the High School of Design of Aragón and bolstered by the support of the local Town Hall, Apila Ediciones is thrilled to unveil the "Apila’s 2024 First Printing Award." This international competition is dedicated to the creation of illustrated picture books, a collaboration aimed at fostering creativity and enhancing children's literature with an educational focus.

Illustrators, irrespective of nationality, are invited to submit their projects for an illustrated picture book designed for children. Entries can be crafted in either Spanish or English, with a maximum page limit of 40. This competition not only serves as a platform for emerging illustrators but also contributes to the diversification and enrichment of children's literature on a global scale.

Participate in this unique opportunity to showcase your artistic prowess and contribute to the advancement of children's literature. Submissions will be accepted in either Spanish or English, providing a versatile platform for creators from around the world. Embrace the challenge, and let your creativity shape the future of illustrated children's books.


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