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Arte LAguna Prize - Open Call

Arte Laguna Prize Venice

• Deadline: October 26th, 2023

• Prize: 10.000€ + Exhibition in Venice

• Category: Contemporary Photography

• Entry Fees: Yes


The Arte Laguna Prize, originating from the Creative Association MoCA, stands as a global art competition dedicated exclusively to the visual arts. Its purview encompasses a wide array, ranging from painting and sculpture to photography, video art, performance, virtual and digital creations. The competition's inception sought to create a platform for artists, spanning both emerging talents and established figures, propelling them into the limelight, where they capture the attention of the general public as well as a panel of influential figures within the contemporary art landscape. Simultaneously, it nurtures an egalitarian exchange amongst artists on a worldwide scale.

The primary aim is to construct an increasingly authoritative and influential framework within the realm of contemporary art, persistently involving fresh contributors year after year. Since 2006, this dynamic cycle has unfolded, engaging a diverse spectrum of entities as pivotal players: Foundations, Museums, Galleries, Residences, art-focused spaces, in collaboration with esteemed Made in Italy enterprises and internationally renowned brands. These collective efforts have given rise to special projects, seamlessly evolving into tangible avenues for artists' professional growth and advancement. Over the years, thousands of artists from across the globe have participated, with their creations showcased not only in Venice but also across various other locations, where many of these works have discovered new homes. The evaluation of submissions has been entrusted to numerous international experts hailing from diverse corners of the world.


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