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Design Award 2024

• Kokuyo

• Deadline: October 11th 2023

• Prize: ¥2,000,000+ Exhibition

• Category: Design

• Entry Fees: Free


What do you picture upon hearing the word “primitive”?

Is it the “original” state, close to nature, the bare form before it is polished, refined, or developed?

Or the “primordial” state, which predates artificial touches?

For this year’s KOKUYO DESIGN AWARDS, we interpreted “primitive” as “redefined essence.”

If we return to the idea of “primitive” in order to create the future, what form of evolution can we imagine?

When we take a fresh look at our familiar materials, we may discover the possibility of further development.

By utilizing your unique perspectives and creativity, we can explore the “primitive” in each of us.

We invite you to show us the “essence” of the future.


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