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Fumetto 2024- International Comic Contest

International Comic Festival Lucerne

• Deadline: December 1st 2023

• Prize: Exhibition

• Category: Comic

• Entry Fees: Free


The Fumetto International Comix Festival, nestled in the picturesque city of Lucerne, Switzerland, is currently welcoming submissions for the highly anticipated 2024 International Comic Competition. What makes this competition truly stand out is its thought-provoking and captivating theme for the year, which centers around "Fleisch." The word "Fleisch" in German translates to "flesh" or "meat" in English, and it opens the door to a myriad of creative possibilities for artists and storytellers.

"Fleisch" is a theme that invites exploration into the many facets of meat and flesh in our lives. It delves deep into the essence of our humanity, our consumption habits, and our culinary experiences. From the human body itself to the profound ethical questions raised by climate change and the global movement toward responsible consumption, and even the exotic world of international specialties and delicacies, "Fleisch" provides fertile ground for artists to create narratives that resonate with both the heart and mind.

For those eager to participate and share their artistic vision, please take note of the submission guidelines:

  • Each artist is allowed to submit one comic, told in the visual form of a story.

  • The comic should be succinct, spanning no more than four pages.

  • Your work should be presented in the accepted formats of A4 or A3, with a preference for landscape orientation.

The Fumetto International Comix Festival, renowned for its celebration of comic artistry, offers a remarkable platform for artists to bring their unique interpretations of "Fleisch" to life. This competition is not only an opportunity to showcase your talents but also a chance to engage with a diverse and global community of comic enthusiasts.

Should your entry be selected, your work will be featured at the festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, and gain exposure to a wide and appreciative audience. We eagerly anticipate the imaginative and inventive stories that will emerge from this year's theme. Best of luck to all the creative minds embarking on this exciting artistic journey!


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