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International Call for Artists: "Plateau"


• Deadline: January 31st 2024

• Prize: $1,000 + Exhibition

Discipline: Dynamic Art

• Entry Fees: Free


Call for Artists: minus20degree 2024

We are seeking artists in the realms of sound art, video art, performance, theater, installation, or dynamic land art for our 2024 edition. We have a particular interest in art that requires and utilizes space, is mobile, or encourages audience movement. Proposals for sound and video art that engage with the snowy landscape as an expansive projection surface are especially welcomed.

minus20degree provides outdoor space for art that is provocative, controversial, and conceptually grounded. As an independent platform, we do not aim to cater to or placate the audience but instead encourage thought-provoking and challenging artistic expressions. All artworks must be conceived and produced specifically for minus20degree.

Theme: "Plateau"

The overarching theme for minus20degree 2024 is "Plateau." While your submission doesn't necessarily need a direct connection to the theme, we are intrigued to hear your reflections on "Plateau." Its appeal lies in its latent ambiguity—both as a geological formation integrated into the exhibition space's landscape and as an expression of societal stagnation, possibly capturing the essence of our times.

Choosing Your Location

All selected sites will be outdoors, exposed to the elements, with temperatures potentially dropping to minus 20 degrees. Expect snow and possible rain. Consequently, all artworks must be water and temperature-resistant. Snowfall can vary, ranging from 20-60cm in the valley to up to 150cm on the mountains.

Flachau, the host village, offers diverse natural and manmade landscapes. As a bustling tourist destination, it accommodates over 10,000 tourists alongside its 2,700 residents. The landscape features prominent elements such as hotels, ski lifts, ski slopes, untouched forests, fields, and mountain summits. The entire valley is available for artistic interventions.

For the open call, knowing the exact location is not required. Once a project is selected by the jury, the minus20degree team will assist the artist(s) in finding an ideal spot in the requested landscape or explore alternative settings. We look forward to receiving your groundbreaking proposals and embracing the challenging yet inspiring environment of minus20degree.


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