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International Call for Poster Designers Open Call

Toyama Museum of Art and Design

• Deadline: January 16th 2024

• Prize: $6,595+ Exhibition

Discipline: Poster Design

• Entry Fees: Free


Organized by the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design, the International Poster Triennial serves as a comprehensive review of the current landscape of international poster design. The competition comprises three distinct categories:

Category A: Printed posters on any theme. Category B: Self-produced, printed posters on the theme of INVISIBLE. U30+Student Category: Digital posters on the theme of INVISIBLE, open to applicants aged 30 or under. However, individuals above the age of 30 may also participate if they are currently enrolled as students.

Both Category A and B accept printed poster submissions, while the U30+Student Category exclusively accepts digital poster submissions. All entries must be posters created on or after May 1, 2018, and there is no entry fee for participation.

Eligibility for this international competition is open to individuals worldwide, fostering a diverse and inclusive participation.

The prizes for outstanding contributions include:

  • Grand Prix (one winner): 1,000,000 Yen (approximately 9,610 USD)

  • Gold Prize (two winners): 500,000 Yen each

  • Silver Prize (three winners): 300,000 Yen each

  • Bronze Prize (eight winners): 100,000 Yen each

In the U30+ Student Category, the prizes are:

  • Gold Prize (one winner): 200,000 Yen

  • Silver Prize (three winners): 50,000 Yen each

This initiative not only recognizes excellence in poster design but also encourages emerging talent by providing a platform for young artists to showcase their digital poster creations.


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