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Locust Project - Project Room Open Call

Locust Project

• Deadline: November 30th 2023

• Prize: $5,000+ Exhibition

Discipline: Multi-Discipline

• Entry Fees: Free


Extended Invitation to the 2023 Project Room Open Call

As we usher in the dawn of 2023, Locust Projects cordially extends an invitation to artists near and far, welcoming applications for our prestigious 2023 Project Room Open Call. With a submission deadline set for November 30th, this call beckons the creative minds of the local, national, and international art communities to seize a unique opportunity. The prospect is none other than the chance to harness the expansive space and abundant resources at their disposal, allowing them to craft ambitious, large-scale new works within the confines of our 625 sq ft Project Room. This exclusive space resides in our innovative new location at 297 NE 67th Street, poised to serve as a transformative canvas for artistic expression.

Proposals submitted by artists will undergo meticulous evaluation by a discerning and diverse jury. This rotating panel is comprised not only of local experts but also includes renowned national and international artists, all of whom have left their indelible mark at Locust Projects. Augmenting this distinguished group is a local curator, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded assessment of the proposals. This amalgamation of perspectives promises to enrich the selection process, affirming our commitment to promoting diverse voices and artistic visions.

For the fortunate artists chosen through this rigorous selection process, Locust Projects stands ready to provide a suite of support. This encompasses curatorial guidance, a dedicated production budget, a W.A.G.E. fee to uphold fair compensation standards, and professional documentation of their projects. Moreover, the chosen artists will be granted a unique opportunity to partake in the Locust Projects residency, further solidifying our commitment to nurturing and amplifying artistic development.

In essence, the 2023 Project Room Open Call transcends the conventional boundaries of a mere call for submissions. It represents an open doorway for artists to immerse themselves in a collaborative and innovative environment, pushing the boundaries of their creative endeavors. With the submission deadline of November 30th approaching, we eagerly anticipate the influx of proposals that will undoubtedly contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary art.


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