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Red Bluff Art Gallery - Solo Exhibition

Red Bluff Art Gallery

• Deadline: September 28th 2023⁠

• Prize: $200 + Solo Exhibition

• Theme: Flora & Fauna

• Entry Fees: Yes


PROSPECTUS The Red Bluff Art Gallery supports artist worldwide. Our gallery shows international art and has for more than 14 years. We have sponsored more than 300 exhibitions, including international touring exhibitions. Selected art will be displayed online with our established website, social media and collector contacts. The virtual show of your work, if selected by the jurors, will be connected directly to you for sales. You, the artist gets 100% of proceeds. Entry fees assists in supporting the Accidental Animal Rescue Center, which provides sanctuary and habitat for many animals. We will be providing Prizes for Grand Prize! First, Second and Third places. Plus, multiple special Prize Awards for Honorable Mention. THEME FLoRA & FauNA can include all sorts of interpretations of PLANTS and ANIMALS. All Mediums and Artist are Welcome! Show us the art that Plants and Animals inspire You to create. From ocean otters in a kelp bed, to birds in bushes, bees on flowers, you and your pet on a balcony with plants. We would love to see deserts teaming with insects and ocotillo, courtyard oasis of plants and animals breathing together, hills dotted with cows, symbiotic wildlife habitats, wildflower meadows with butterflies and more buzzing about. Plants and animals live intertwined lives. Show us how this applies to your art. We welcome all forms of painting and drawing, sculpture and photography, plus fiber arts, digital arts and more. We strive to be inclusive and open to seeing what you present for your entries. We welcome creativity! Have fun!

Application Requirements MEDIUMS All fine art mediums may be entered; Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Mixed Media, Digital, Fiber, Sculpture, and Photography are acceptable. Please provide a good picture, this will represent you to the jurors and to the public if your art is selected to be included in the 3D Virtual Art Show. One of the most important parts of entering, is a good digital image of your art to upload. ENTRY FEE $30 for first entry. $10 per each additional entry to a maximum of 20 image entries. Accepted artwork will be featured in 3D Virtual Gallery Show, promoted and shared. Plus you will have the option to have your work directly linked to your media contact of choice for further exploration of artist and possible sales. Also, a great way to meet and see fellow artist animal lovers artworks. Entry fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance of artwork. All entry fees will go to cost associated with Prizes! Call Costs - including exhibit marketing - and Building the 3D Virtual ART Exhibit - Plus, the Accidental Animal Rescue Center & Sanctuary support at the heART of our calls.


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