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The Boomer Gallery - Call For Artists

• The Boomer Gallery

• Deadline: November 5th 2023

• Prize: Exhibition in London

• Theme: Why Do You Do It?

• Entry Fees: Yes


Why do we create art? For what purpose? What drives us?

This question has perplexed humanity for decades, yet a definitive answer eludes us.

Are we motivated by the idea of fame and wealth, or is there a deeper calling?

From the dawn of civilization, individuals have sought to leave their imprint multitude ways, on cave walls, papyrus, etc. In ancient times, a cave painting wasn't shared widely like today's viral content, it was often witnessed by just a few. Thus, the intrinsic urge to craft art surely goes beyond mere pursuit of riches and acclaim.

Beyond the raw need to express and offer a window into our inner world, we yearn for others to discern the silent truths of our existence. Like the generations that preceded us, we aspire to leave behind a legacy and simultaneously, we can't help but contemplate: will the world recognize our sacrifices, the depth of our love, and the passion that fueled our creations, or will they be lost in the eternity of time?

This exhibition aims to spotlight the essence behind each artistic creation, underscoring that every piece tells a unique tale awaiting discovery.

Excitingly, the globally celebrated art critic, Tabish Khan, will grace our opening event on the 10th of November, delivering an insightful speech on the exhibition's theme.

Tabish Khan, a fervent advocate for making art universally accessible, is a renowned art critic entrenched in London's vibrant art scene. As the visual arts editor for Londonist and a regular contributor to Culture Whisper, he's a trusted voice, offering weekly top exhibition insights for FAD through his discerning column "What's Wrong with Art". Tabish's commitment extends beyond critique, he's a trustee for ArtCan, City & Guilds London Art School, and Discerning Eye — organizations dedicated to uplifting artists and curating seminal exhibitions.

Gallery Space:

Our gallery is located in the vibrant heart of the iconic Tower Bridge area in London. An elegant blend of historical richness and modern energy, our space serves as an extraordinary platform for artists and audiences alike.


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