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• The Creative Room #2 - Call For Art •

• HOST: a.topos Venice •

• DEADLINE: December 19th, 2021⁠⁠ •

• PRIZE: 2 Exhibitions in Venice + Catalogue + 1 Art Residency + 3 Collaborations with a Fashion Label⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠ •

• THEME: Emerging Creatives •

• ENTRY FEE: Yes •


After the tremendous success of the first, a.topos Venice is pleased to present the second edition of THE⁠

CREATIVE ROOM, an original initiative created by the Curatorial Collective to promote emerging creatives,⁠

following its commitment to enhance their visibility by providing an exhibition space to selected artists in⁠

the venetian contemporary art scene.⁠

For more than a year, the majority of the world’s population was unable to attend any presencial exhibition in a physical space. This new reality was unsurprisingly accompanied by an intense discussion⁠

around some of the hottest topics of the period in the art scene - is the virtual realm better than real-world exhibitions? Will digital substitute experiencing a show live? Are we witnessing the establishment of a new normal?⁠

For the second edition of this international open call we are inviting artists to address the thematic The Future of Art and the Art of the Future. What has changed in the creative process? How was the⁠

relationship with the audience impacted? Are we taking strides towards co-creation? Are we looking at⁠

the rise of new media hegemony in artistic practice? How are cultural agents transiting in the art system’s⁠


Once again, share your artwork with us and we will be glad to convert our gallery into an extension of⁠



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