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The Dark Side - Call For Art

• Boomer Gallery London

• Deadline: February 4th, 2024

• Theme: The Dark Side

• Entry Fees: Free (pay if selected)


Does an elusive shadow dwell within the core of artistic creation and in the souls of the artists themselves?

The solitude of a visual artist mirrors the introspective seclusion of a monk. Though it might spark discussion, let's ponder this. Envision the profound aloneness, the tangible hush of the studio where silent hours meld into days, while the artist toils and contemplates their craft, ardently longing for the world to recognize the brilliance of their ideas, to sense the pulse of their fervor embedded in their creations.

Within this sanctified realm, sanity often teeters on a fragile edge. In that dim corner of the studio, the artist's once-cherished chair transforms into a silent witness, bearing witness to internal struggles. Here, amid the serene chaos reminiscent of Van Gogh's torments, the artist confronts the relentless interrogation of their value, questioning their identity with each passing moment: Does my art authentically reflect my essence?

The exhibition endeavors to link the artist's secluded sanctuary and the wider world, shedding light on the mysterious beauty thriving in obscurity.

Guiding our exhibition is the esteemed art critic, Tabish Khan, who will grace our opening event on February 9th, delivering an insightful speech on the exhibition's theme. Mr. Khan will also pen an article about the exhibition, slated for publication in the renowned FAD Magazine.


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