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The Dark Side | Photo Contest & Exhibition

• Boomer Gallery London

• Deadline: May 5th, 2024

• Prize: Exhibition in London + Sales

• Theme: The Dark Side

• Entry Fees: Yes


The Dark Side | Photo Contest & Exhibition

Does a latent shadow reside in the heart of artistic creation and within the souls of the artists themselves?

If any figure could parallel the introspective solitude of a monk, it is the visual artist. Though it may stir debate, let us reflect. Consider the profound solitude, the palpable stillness of the studio where silent hours merge into days, as the artist labors and broods over their craft, fervently hoping for the world to awaken to the brilliance of their ideas, to feel the pulse of their passion embedded in their work.

In this sacred space, sanity often hangs by a delicate thread. In that dim studio corner, the artist’s once cherished chair becomes a silent sentinel, marking the site of internal battles. Here, in the quiet chaos reminiscent of Van Gogh’s own torments, the artist faces the relentless inquisition of their worth, questioning their identity with every fleeting moment: Is my art a true reflection of my essence?

The exhibition aims to bridge the gap between the artist's secluded atelier and the broader world, illuminating the enigmatic beauty that thrives in the shadows.


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