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The World’s Biggest Manga Audition

The Silent Manga Audition® (SMA)

• Deadline: December 4th 2023

• Prize: ¥500,000 + Exhibition

• Category: Silent Manga

• Entry Fees: Free


The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® (SMA) stands as a unique and remarkable manga competition that is dedicated to showcasing manga creations without dialogue, transcending linguistic boundaries and enabling creators of all ages from around the globe to connect and express their profound passion for the art of manga.

Participating in SMA offers entrants not only the prospect of winning valuable cash prizes but also the unparalleled opportunity to take their first steps toward a manga career in Japan. The distinguished panel of judges, composed of manga luminaries, sift through the submissions to identify the most exceptional talents. Those who rise to the top within SMA may find themselves on the cusp of a manga debut in Japan, propelled by exclusive avenues like the SMA MasterClass and the Artists Village Aso 096k projects, which provide aspiring artists with mentorship and the necessary support to kickstart their professional manga careers. The SMA, in this sense, acts as a pivotal gateway to international recognition and potential success within the world of manga.


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