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Women in Art - 2ND Artist Support Award

Women in Art - 2ND Artist Support Award - International Juried Art Competition

• Deadline: October 15th 2023⁠

• Prize: $1,000 + Exhibition

• Category: Visual Arts

• Entry Fees: Yes


The Women In Art Support Award Competition embraces an inclusive “Open” theme signifying its unrestricted acceptance of submissions across all categories. All art forms will be given equal consideration, with a focus on the most innovative, skillful, and distinctive pieces. It is important to note that participants must be 18 years or older to qualify for this open art competition.

All mediums and styles are acceptable.

You must be a woman to participate in this Award Competition.


After winning the competition, the award money will be entirely at your discretion to utilize as you wish. We respect your autonomy in deciding how to allocate the funds. The prizes to be awarded will be determined based on the number of art pieces submitted and the overall quality of the artwork submitted.


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