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World’s Biggest Manga Audition

The Silent Manga Audition® (SMA)

• Deadline: December 4th 2023

• Prize: ¥500,000 + Exhibition

• Category: Silent Manga

• Entry Fees: Free


The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® (SMA) is an exceptional and unparalleled manga competition that boldly distinguishes itself by its unwavering dedication to presenting manga creations without the use of dialogue, thereby transcending linguistic barriers. This visionary approach opens up a global platform where creators of all ages and backgrounds can converge, uniting their shared, profound love for the art of manga and fostering cross-cultural connections.

Participation in SMA is not merely an opportunity for entrants to compete for valuable cash prizes; it is a transformative journey that can propel them toward an exciting manga career in Japan, the epicenter of the manga universe. At the helm of SMA, a panel of illustrious judges, comprising luminaries within the manga industry, undertakes the weighty task of identifying the most exceptional talents from the pool of submissions. Those who ascend to the apex of SMA find themselves standing at the threshold of a potential manga debut in Japan, a momentous and life-altering opportunity facilitated by unique avenues such as the SMA MasterClass and the Artists Village Aso 096k projects. These initiatives provide aspiring manga artists with invaluable mentorship and the essential support to launch their professional manga careers. SMA, in essence, emerges as an instrumental conduit, not only to attain international recognition but also to nurture the dreams of manga enthusiasts and enable them to realize their full potential within the captivating realm of manga.


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